AVYSL Newsletter

Host a Coach

The UK Soccer and North American Soccer Camps invite AVYSL families to participate in this unique program. Parents with children playing in AVYSL where trainers are actively coaching typically host our coaches. Over the years our ‘Host A Coach’ program has been hugely successful. 

The visiting coaches have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate a real American lifestyle and have nothing but great things to say about the fabulous hospitality they received. Host families benefit by learning about the British way of life, it’s cultural differences and enhancing their soccer education. The differences of our language and backgrounds, combined with the love of soccer ensure a memorable week and long lasting friendships for everyone.
The coaches are men and women from the ages of 20 to 30+. Most are college educated and are either playing semi professional soccer and / or have good experience coaching soccer.
Here are the commonly asked questions from families about our program:
How long do they stay for?
They typically stay for the week, from Sunday prior to camp to the following Sunday.
Can we host more than one coach?
We do like to make sure that every family who would like to host a coach get the opportunity, but you can host more than just one coach. Due to the great success of this program, many of the host families host a coach year after year.
What do I need to provide the coach with?
The coaches will need a bed, access to a shower and laundry facilities. While these are the coach’s basic needs, host families can offer much more, such as the use of their computers for email access, and to join the family meals.
What type of transport do they need?
None, each group of coaches working on the camp in your area will have their own transport or access to group transport. Due to insurance purposes coaches are not allowed to provide transport for any players to and from camp, or drive vehicles not insured by our organization.
Do I need to entertain them?
No, if you’ve ever met a British coach you’ll find they’ll be quite entertaining
themselves! Host families can decide to include them in family activities or even
sightseeing trips. Coaches really do appreciate getting a locals tour of the area but
these social activities are not compulsory. The coach’s first priority is to work on the
camp, therefore all social activities must be scheduled after the day at camp.
Are there any guidelines the coaches have to follow?
We pride ourselves on having well behaved men and women coaches. They have all
gone through our extensive inductions and all have signed our code of conduct
contracts. Our coaches fully understand that if you have any specific rules and
regulations they must adhere to them.
If I have some concerns during the week is there anyone I can call?
Yes, please call:
  • For UK Soccer - (888) UKSOCCA or Analise Farmer on 909-747-2335
  • For North American Soccer Camps - Contact Ben Graham at 415-612-0199