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August 18, 2009

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Dates to Remember
Fall Rec Head Coaches Classroom Session | Kicker’s Club through U7 
Fall Rec Head Coaches Classroom Session | U8 and Older 
Fall Rec Head Coaches On-Field Session | Kicker’s Club through U7
Fall Rec Head Coaches On-Field Session | U8 and Older
Almaden Halloween Classic, Class 3
Oct 24-25, 2009

2009 AVYSL Board

Please Welcome New PCA Director

Please welcome Norbert Schmied our new PCA Director for the remaining season of 2009. Please say hello as you see him out at the fields.  He is happy to take on the responsibility of a PCA Director.  Don’t forget to attend the PCA Workshop on September 15, 2009. Please check the PCA page of the website for the schedule.
For PCA questions, you can reach Norbert Schmied via email at pca@almadensoccer.org.

AVYSL ~ Earthquakes Soccer Night
Earthquakes July Special
San Jose Earthquakes vs. New York Red BUlls
Saturday, October 3 at 8:00pm
Buck Shaw Stadium, Santa Clara

-All AVYSL players in attendance to participate in
on-field events if they order as a group of 10+ people
-Top 2 selling teams to be Ball Kids or play at Halftime
-Nationally televised game
-Team recognition on the videoboard
-Goal View is reserved for AVYSL affiliates
-AVYSL families get tickets for $10 each (regularly $20)
-Group coordinators get two (2) free tickets to the match

Please contact:
Anthony Perry
Ticket Sales Representative
San Jose Earthquakes
(P) 408-556-7712
(E) aperry@sjearthquakes.com

Host a Visiting International Coach
AVYSL and UK International have partnered together to launch a new coaching program in our league this fall. The professional UK coaches will help improve the level of soccer in our league while creating an environment for not only the players to learn but also to educate our volunteer coaches. The partnership with UK International allows AVYSL volunteer coaches access to the online curriculum to assist them in session plans for all the recreational teams this season.
AVYSL is looking for families that would like to open their home and host a college aged soccer coach for a week, 2 weeks or more.  It's a fun experience!

If you are interested, please contact Analise Farmer at 909-747-2335 or  analise.farmer@uksocca.com

Tips from Positive Coaching Alliance

2 minute drill for athletes
Moral Courage
When we think of people who are courageous, we think of firefighters and military personnel. And while these people are certainly courageous, there is another type of courage as well. PCA believes that moral courage, which is difficult to exercise, is just as honorable and important.

It is easy to follow everyone else, especially in school and on teams, even if you know what others are doing is morally questionable. Most people want to do what is right, but they lack the moral courage. A person with true character is not afraid to act alone to do what is right.

Challenge yourself to be the player who sets high standards and lives up to them, even when other players don’t. Before you know it, you’ll become a leader on the team and others will follow your lead!

To read about Triple-Impact Competitors visit http://www.positivecoach.org

2 minute drill for coaches
Romance of Leadership & Over-Coaching
Leaders and coaches tend to feel that if they aren’t doing something dramatic – actively managing something – they aren’t adding value. Stanford Business School Professor Jeff Pfeffer refers to this phenomenon in the business world as the “Romance of Leadership.” The romantic view of leaders is that they are supposed to be decisive, active and “hands-on.” The problem is that the romance of leadership often leads coaches to over-coach during games. Sometimes the best thing you can do during a game is get out of the way and allow the players to execute all great skills and strategies you have worked on together in practice.

adapted from The Double-Goal Coach by Jim Thompson
tip for parents
Parents Be a Culture Keeper
A Positive Youth Sports Culture involves not only coaches and athletes, but also parents and fans. A parent Culture Keeper helps shape the culture of a sports team or school. Culture is simply “the way we do things here.” A Culture Keeper’s job is to spread the word about Positive Coaching to parents and fans on the sidelines.
Get to know other parents on the team at the beginning of the season. Model the behavior you want to see. When other parents or fans act in a way that doesn’t Honor the Game, you can help reinforce a Positive Coaching culture by how you interact with them. Let them know their behavior is not acceptable, but don’t escalate the situation. (We don’t recommend that you intervene with parents from the opposing team as this can quickly lead to an escalation.) As the season progresses, make it your goal to keep the idea of Honoring the Game alive with all of the parents and fans!

adapted from Positive Sports Parenting by Jim Thompson