Application Process and Child Safety Program

AVYSL Application Process and Background Checks for Staff Members (NEW REQUIREMENTS AS OF JUNE 1, 2013)

Almaden Valley Youth Soccer League (AVYSL) and its affiliates have a great deal of concern about the safety and development of children. As a result, there are several requirements for volunteers who will be working directly with AVYSL youth. These requirements are listed below.  See the table at the bottom of this page to determine what you may be required to submit.  And see the links on the left for additional details.

CYSA Background Check

  • All recreational team staff* and all CYSA competitive team staff* are required to complete and submit the new online CYSA Adult Registration Form (1650).  The CYSA state organization may conduct a background check based on the information provided on this form.  This new background check will only have to be done once, and will not be repeated every year unless you are inactive for 3 or more years.

Department of Justice Fingerprint Check

  • As of April 1, 2013, all recreational team staff* and all competitive team staff* are required to submit a background check with the California’s Department of Justice (DOJ) using the Capital Live Scan Fingerprint process.  It is a process that checks for Criminal Activities on file against the applicant.  If you were fingerprinted for AVYSL after May 1, 2013, you will not need to do this again unless you are inactive for 3 or more years.

Bi-Annual US Club Background Check

  • Every other year, NorCal competitive team staff* are required to complete and submit the online US Club Background Check. 

AVYSL Competitive Coach Application

  • First-time coaches of Almaden competitive teams must submit the AVYSL coaching application and be approved by the AVYSL board. 

CYSA Competitive Coach License

  • Beginning with the Fall 2013 season, coaches and assistant coaches of CYSA competitive teams are required to hold a minimum of a CYSA "E" level coaching license.


*Almaden FC, Competitive and Recreational Team Managers: Background checks for Team Managers, are optional. Only a Team Manager who will also act as an assistant coach at practices and games, or intends to go on the sidelines with the players, will be required to submit a background check. Almaden FC and Competitive Team Managers who intend to receive a CYSA Adult Pass to be allowed on the technical side of the field are required to submit the CYSA background checks to receive a pass and be added to the roster.

Paperwork Submittal

Competitive Grandfathered Teams’ Staff:

  • Paperwork can be submitted to the AVYSL Registrar through the Team Manager as part of the Spring or Fall registration process.

Almaden FC Staff:

  • Assistant Coaches must notify their team’s Head Coach of their interest in coaching.
  • Sign-ups are typically done during the initial AFC Parent meeting.
  • Paperwork for staff will be submitted to the AVYSL Registrar through the AFC Team Manager as part of the team’s registration process.

Spring and Fall Recreation Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches

  • During the online registration process for players, parents are given an opportunity to identify how they would like to volunteer during the season. At this time, parents who are interested in one of these positions should sign up as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and/or Team Manager. (Note that there is no Team Manager role during the Spring Recreational season).
  • These parents will be contacted by the Spring or Fall Directors to discuss the role.
  • If you decide you are interested in one of these roles after your child is already registered, please contact the AVYSL Rec Registrar to update your registration record.
  • The program directors will confirm your role during the team formation process and after all paperwork has been received.
  • Paperwork will be submitted to the AVYSL Rec Registrar as part of the Spring or Fall registration process.
Application Requirement Summary

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