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Questions about the new format with the practice schedule?  Read about the advantages of Almaden Teams training age specific on same fields:


  1. Consistent delivery of content and methodology from coaches
  2. Constant care + attention of children as age appropriate challenges are monitored constantly, and players progress is easier to recognise as several coaches working same age groups communicate constantly and use larger knowledge base instantly on day, as opposed to singular opinion system in place presently with different teams and coaches in different locations with little communication.
  3. With new development programmes introduced players will have a greater level of understanding of progressive steps into the style and new system of play for almaden FC.
  4. If an AFC coach takes a practice with another team in his/her age group it is the children we have in mind as this is a holistic approach, as we are also preparing children for the real world where they may encounter a new teacher at school or classmates in college, and also most certainly later on new boss, or new colleagues in the workplace, most important is the content + delivery will be consistent.
  5. Coach education in AFC is high on the agenda, as bringing same age teams together on field also brings together specific coaches which allow much more quality information being delivered on a regular basis to broaden the knowledge base of all Almaden FC Coaches. 

This will in turn be greatly beneficial to the quality of information delivered to your child.


Yours in sport,

John Devine





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