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 Below is a letter from Almaden Technical Director, John Devine.  This letter explains the familiarization period taking place at the end of May.                                                 


May 6, 2016


Dear Almaden FC Parents,

Many of you already know about the mandated year born changes to age groups that are to take effect in August 2016.  The Almaden FC staff wants to provide additional information now to help us all prepare for how this will affect teams and players in the fall season.

USSF has mandated this change nationwide.  This means that every player, every team, every league must make the change to year born.  No club or team in the USA is exempt from this change.

Extensive work has been done in the background as to how Almaden FC will successfully transition to the year born model.  Beginning in the last two weeks of May, all players will begin practicing with their year born age groups in order to familiarize players with other players in their same birth year.  The player familiarization will take place during the following weeks: 

Monday, May 23rd - Friday, May 27th

Monday, May 30th - Friday, June 03rd


At the end of the two week familiarization period, preliminary rosters for fall will be developed, and player placement will be communicated to parents/players beginning on Monday, June 6th.  

The entire qualified Almaden FC Coaching staff feels that it is necessary to do what is best for each team, and each player which allows those involved to remain at the level of play they have earned; but also taking into consideration that some players may need to be moved.  From that stand point, I as well as the DOC’s and all the coaching staff will be making the best decisions for each player, and in the best interest of the teams, and Almaden FC.

As for how we will move forward, Almaden FC doesn’t believe in "one-size-fits-all" decisions.  Each team has a special set of circumstances which need to be taken into consideration There are always exceptional situations/players that will be unique.  Those exceptional situations/players will be dealt with individually and with care, and all decisions will be made by selected age specific expert coaches in a fair process under my guidance.

We know that this change can bring concerns for our players and we want to help everyone understand and hopefully, relieve any concerns you have about the circumstances.  We look forward to your patience as we use all our  knowledge and expertise to tackle this tough transition, thanking you in anticipation for your understanding as this effects every club the same, and we will do our best to make this one off  transition a smooth one.

Yours in soccer,

John Devine




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