Almaden FC Coaching Staff

Here at Almaden FC, amongst our best assets is the depth, dedication and experience of our professional coaching staff.

Almaden FC teams are coached and trained by our staff of licensed, professional coaches from right here in Almaden and all over the world.   Our coaches train from a curriculum that emphasizes development of the whole player:  from establishing a solid understanding of the fundamentals, to possessing the mental strength to compete and finally, demonstrating the tactical sharpness to succeed.

       Directors of Coaching

Adam Whaley Mark Landefeld Chris Behler
U8 - U10   Boys/Girls  ('07 - '04) U11 - U13  Boys/Girls   ('03 - '01) U14 - U18  Boys/Girls  ('00 - 97)
doc_whaley@almadensoccer.org doc_landefeld@almadensoccer.org doc_behler@almadensoccer.org



Almaden FC -  MERCURY (Boys) Program 

Sergio Avina                  Chris Behler                    Aliou Diallo                       Joe Escobedo              Mark Landefeld
98 Mercury Green 00 Mercury Green/Behler 05 Mercury White 02 Mercury Green 03 Mercury Green
99 Mercury White 00 Mecury Black   02 Mercury Black  
Bryan Little Connor Mitchell Steve Redondo Nic Ryan Thomas Silvas
01 Mercury Green 04 Mercury Black 99 Mercury Green 00 Mercury White 97 Mercury Green
01 Mercury Black 04 Mercury White 99 Mercury Black 02 Mercury White 97 Mercury Black
        00 Mercury Green/NPL
Dicky Spencer Rob Stewart Justin Stopps Matt Telfer Adam Whaley
05 Mercury Green 04 Mercury Green 04 Mercury Yellow 01 Mercury White 06 Mercury Green
05 Mercury Black 07 Mercury Green 06 Mercury White 03 Mercury Black  
06 Mercury Black     03 Mercury White  


 Almaden FC - QUICKSILVER (Girls) Program

Marc Baker Chris Behler Marty Behler Aliou Diallo Nicole Evans
01 Quicksilver Black 98 Quicksilver Green 02 Quicksilver Black 97 Quicksilver Black 03 Quicksilver Green
        04 Quicksilver Green
        06 Quicksilver Green



Luisa Meza Holly Ramsden Steve Redondo Dicky Spencer Rob Stewart
04 Quicksilver Black 03 Quicksilver Black 01 Quicksilver Green 99 Quicksilver Green 02 Quicksilver Green
04 Quicksilver White 05 Quicksilver Green      
  05 Quicksilver Black      



Justin Stopps Adam Whaley      
06 Quicksilver Black 97 Quicksilver Green      



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