If you volunteer for any of the following categories during the on-line registration process, you will not need to pay the $50 buy out amount to complete your registration. However, if you are not selected or choose not to fulfill your volunteer duties the League will charge you the buy out fee.

Thank you!


Extended Seasonal Volunteers:

These volunteers have multiple responsibilities pre and post Fall season.

Extended Seasonal Volunteers submit a first and second choice coaching request per child registered. All requests will be granted that do not interfere with our Team Formation Policies. The Fall Rec. Directors will collect requests in June after registration closes.


Primary Seasonal Volunteers:

The responsibilities for this role generally take place during the Fall season. These positions are our primary support during the season.

Primary Seasonal Volunteers submit a request for their assigned age group. We recommend mutual coaching or buddy requests. All requests that are mutual receive top priority and are granted if they do not interfere with Team Formation Policies.


Secondary Seasonal Volunteers:

The responsibilities for this role take place during the Fall season. These positions are our secondary support during the season.

Secondary Seasonal Volunteers do not submit additional requests, however, their mutual buddy requests will receive higher priority than the rest of the league’s mutual buddy requests.


Hourly Volunteers:

Parents who select this category at the time of registration will complete approximately 4 hours of league volunteer service in lieu of the $50 buy out amount.



After registration has closed the League Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to confirm your status as an Hourly Volunteer and will give you the opportunity to schedule your two 2 hour volunteer services. You will need to commit to dates and time slots.


If you do not fulfill this committed time, the league may charge you the $50 buy out fee.

The Volunteer Coordinator will coordinate rescheduling or charging of the buy out fee.