Why Almaden?

Almaden Valley Youth Soccer League (AVYSL) is a highly sought-after regional soccer program. There are, of course, elements of any soccer program that as a parent you would expect as standard. However, at AVYSL, we take pride in those aspects of our program that differentiate us, too:


Soccer is a developmental sport, and it starts early. At AVYSL, we run full Recreational and Competitive programs, to bring children into the game early and grow them throughout their pre-college soccer career. Our spring microsoccer program is open to 5 year-olds, and our oldest competitive teams are U19 - plus everything in between.


All programs have coaches. Many are volunteer parent coaches, who know the game and are highly enthusiastic. However, at AVYSL we have chosen to employ professional coaches for our Competitive program teams. These coaches are highly qualified, and dedicated to training soccer; it’s their job. They are assisted by volunteer parents, which we have found maintains a good balance between professional instruction and coach:player ratios and relationships. 

We also employ professional trainers for our Recreational program, to help develop the players and their parent coaches too.


Soccer fields are taken for granted. However, at AVYSL, we work closely with the local schools and authorities to tend and repair their fields. We invest in re-seeding and treatments as required, in order to maintain grass fields of the highest level. This is good for the schools, for our program, and your kids.

We also secure access to Leland High School "turf" (the artificial grass surface). This surface can be played on through any weather as it doesn’t get muddy, extending our practice and playing time options in bad weather. More importantly, as your kids seek to play competitively in high schools, they will encounter this surface. It requires familiarity and adaptation to play on turf, and our players get a head-start on experiencing high-school-like conditions in our program.


Soccer fields need goal posts, nets, corner flags, line painting gear - the list goes on. We invest heavily in top-class goal posts, with a robust volunteer maintenance program to ensure games are properly equipped. When you attend home games at AVYSL, you’ll see the difference.

In summary, when you are deciding with your child, or children, where they should enrol, look a little further afield. There’s a lot more to a well-run soccer program than just playing the game. We hope you’ll join us.

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