Player Discipline Policy
All parents will confirm they understand and agree to this policy during the on-line registration process.


Players need to listen and follow directions for an age appropriate length of time.

Coaches are volunteers who donate their time, making our recreational league possible. If a player’s behavior is outside the coach’s range of acceptable behavior and the coach feels the behavior is detracting from the team’s soccer experience, the following steps are recommended:

Step 1 – Warn the player
Step 2Have the player ‘Sit Out’ & Inform Parents

Coaches are encouraged to have the misbehaving player ‘sit out’, so that their inappropriate behavior does not detract from their teammates’ soccer experience. 

Make parent(s) aware of the inappropriate behavior and explain future behavioral expectations. Parents need to address these behavior problem(s) off of the soccer field and explain to their player the expectations and the consequences of not listening and following directions.

Step 3 – Parent Attendance

A parent can be required by the coach to attend all practices and games to help control the player’s behavior. In this case, the player can not attend a practice or game unless appropriate help is provided.

Step 4 – Suspension or Removal

A Player can be suspended for a game or practice. In extreme or continuous cases of misbehavior a player can be removed from our league.

Coaches have the right to choose which steps are necessary.

There are certain ‘red card’ behaviors (for example; physical violence, verbal attacks, or swearing) that will not be tolerated by this league.


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