Team Formation Policies & Procedures

The primary goal of the team formation process for the Fall Recreational season is to form teams that are equally balanced in skill and age.  To do this, we rely on player assessments made by Head Coaches at the end of the previous season.  We also balance ages, where a group is combined (e.g. U9 and U10 players in the U10 age group).

Because we recognize the need for children to have a familiar face on their team, we do allow a buddy request to be made during registration.  Top priority is given to mutual buddy requests (where 2 players request each other).  We do not encourage - or facilitate - large groups of friends playing together or teams staying together year after year.

Team sizes are determined based on the number of players registered, the number of Head Coaches committed, and the number of fields available.  Our goal is to have teams such that there are a few subs available at every game, but not too many where play time for the players is limited.

The target team sizes are as follows:

Age Group # players on field # players on team
U5 3 v 3 6
U6 5 v 5 8-9
U7 5 v 5 8-9
U8 7 v 7 10-11
U10 7 v 7 10-11
U12 9 v 9 12-13
U14 11 v 11 14-17
U16 11 v 11 14-17

Teams are formed AFTER registration closes.  Head Coaches are assigned to the teams and are asked for their preference on practice day/time.  Teams will be finalized by mid-August and rosters will be handed out to Team Leaders at that time.  Team Leaders (usually Head Coaches) are then asked to call all of the players on their team to notify the families of the team assignment as well as practice schedule.

Once teams are formed, they are final.  We cannot accommodate players moving from one team to another due to practice schedule conflicts. 

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