Team Manager Role

A Team Manager will be assigned to as many teams as possible in the u8 and older age groups. This position is not designed to be an on-field position. Team Managers will be on the parent side during games and are expected to support the Head Coach and team in the following ways:

1.     Attend Team Manager’s Meeting:


This is a mandatory meeting. During this meeting all Team Managers will be given league information, practice schedules, team rosters, paperwork information, and team equipment. Head Coaches are invited to attend this meeting as well to meet their Team Manager and to see their roster right away.  If you cannot make this meeting, you need to confirm with one of your team’s assigned coaches that they will attend the meeting for your team.

 2.     Complete Team’s Paperwork:

You will receive the team packet and paperwork instructions at the Team Manager meeting.  Paperwork needs to be completed before your team starts to practice. 

3. Be the Communication link between the League and Team:

There is often information the League wants to communicate to the families of the league in a more personable way than a league wide e-mail distribution. When this is the case, the Team Manager will receive info from the Age Group Coordinator, and the Team Manager will make sure all families from their team get the information. You should be a person that frequently checks his/her e-mail, and can spend time on their computer to help the league communicate to the families on their team effectively.

4. Be Positive in Support Role:

The Head Coach is in charge of the team, and the Team Manager should work to support the Head Coach and the families of their team to contribute to an overall positive experience for all players and parents. If both the Head Coach and you decide that the team can benefit from you having an on-field role with the team, you will need to communicate that to your AGC and fulfill all the requirements of an Assistant Coach.

 5. Coordinate Team Responsibilities:

All teams are responsible for supporting the league by setting up & taking down goals, having a game card ready for all home games (U8 and older), and by cleaning up the field after the game.  Parents assigned to these roles from your team do not get credit toward their league volunteer requirement. Like snack, it’s just a part of being on a team.

6.     Possible Additional Roles:

You may also need to represent your team at the coaches meeting if your head or assistant coach cannot attend. Uniforms will be handed out at the coaches meeting to teams that have met all paperwork and league requirements.







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