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Spring Season

Spring Rec Opening Day!


Spring Microsoccer Registration Now Open!

Almaden Soccer is excited to offer our 4v4 micro soccer program for players 2004 to 2014!  Small sided games (4v4) are key to support a child's holistic development in soccer, targetting the 5 areas of development, technically, tactically, physically, psychologically and socially.  

The small numbers, smaller fields, and smaller goals provide substantially more touches on the ball, increased decision-making requirement, an intensely physical game, increased opportunities to score goals whilst remaining challenging and a technically focussed game. It provides a more individual-centered game for each child

Dependent on enrollment, the anticipated age groups are:

  • 2014 (co-ed teams are likely but not confirmed in this age group depending on enrollment or may be merged with 2013)
  • 2013 (co-ed teams are likely but not confirmed in this age group depending on enrollment or may be merged with 2014)
  • 2012(separate boys and girls teams; may be merged with 2011 depending on enrollment)
  • 2011 (separate boys and girls teams; may be merged with 2012 depending on enrollment)
  • 2010/2009 (separate boys and girls teams)
  • 2008/2007 (separate boys and girls teams)
  • 2006/2005/2004 (separate boys and girls teams)

Every player can submit a buddy request at the time of registration.  Please confirm that your buddy request is in the same age group prior to submitting. NEW We are now accepting MULTIPLE Buddy Requests.

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Spring Soccer Key Dates


December 23, 2018

  2019 Spring Registration opens $175 early bird price

February 2, 2019

  $225 registration fee (early bird ended)

February 15, 2019

March 10, 2018

  Registration closes

  Rosters announcements to start

March 18, 2019

  Practices begin this week (one practice per week)

March 23, 2019

  Spring season Saturday games begin

March 31, 2019

  Spring Photo Day

May 19, 2019

  Spring season games end


Ready To Play?

Click below to register

Spring Registration Fees: What's Included?

$175     Early Bird Registration Fee (early bird ends on 2/2/2019)

$225     Registration Fee

Registration fees include:

  • 8 games (weather permitting; due to permits Sunday makeups are not allowed)
  • Practices (1x/week for all birth years)
  • Uniforms: T-shirt with logo
  • Picture Package: Memory Mate
  • Participation Award 

Questions?  Contact Us

Volunteer Coaches Needed!

Spring relies on volunteer coaching!

We cannot do this program without you, the parent volunteer coaches. You are the backbone of our program, and little experience with organized soccer is required.  Many (if not most) parents attend all the practices and games, so why not volunteer to coach as well?  The players of volunteer coaches automatically have a place on a team, and coaches are able to choose a practice day and time that fits their schedule.

Almaden Soccer will be extending our centralized coaching program this spring with Professional coaches leading the sessions for all teams as well as offering personalised support to every coach. This will be an excellent opportunity for players to train with their coaches under the guidance of the professional coaches.  We will support all coaches however we can throughout the season to make your coaching time a rewarding one. Remember, volunteering to be a coach satisfies the yearly volunteer requirement.

Spring microsoccer relies on volunteers for other things, too! From lining fields, to ushering children during our photo days, there is a lot to do to make our spring program a success.  Throughout the season, we will ask for volunteers to assist us in getting ready to play each and every week.

Don't forget that each family must perform 4 volunteer hours per calendar year, or pay the $125 buyout fee.  All volunteer hours must be league approved, and logged through iVolunteer.  For more information on volunteering, click here

Spring FAQ's

When will players be notified of their team and coach?

Coaches will receive their team assignments in or just before the first week of March.  Prior to contacting their players, coaches will select their practice day/time. Expect that coaches will reach out to their rosters in the first week of March to welcome their players to the team, and inform parents of the practice schedule.

When will games be played?

Games will be on Saturdays, typically in the morning to early afternoon hours.  The final game schedule will not be available until mid March, when we have determined the teams and can schedule the fields.
When will we practice?
Practices will be once per week, on weekday evenings, for 60 minutes. Practices can start as early as 4:30, and end as late at 7:00pm.  Your coach chooses the practice day and time to fit into their schedule.  Please reach out to your coach as soon as possible if you have unavoidable conflicts, but we cannot provide a refund or make team changes if your practice day/time is not compatible with your schedule.
Can I play with a friend?
Yes!  Buddy requests need to be mutual and completed during the registration process.  List your friend as your buddy at the time you register and make sure your friend does the same.  Buddies must be in the same age group.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late buddy requests (or requests to be placed on a team with a buddy which are NOT made during registration)

I’m a coach.  Can I bring a fully-formed team?

No. The format has changed beginning with the 2019 spring microsoccer season, and preformed teams are no longer permitted.  Buddy pairs only will be honored.  You may request a coach pairing, but this will act as your buddy request and no additional buddy requests will be honored.

My child is really good and/or big.  Can I play with older children?
Maybe, however we strongly recommend against it!  Please consider this option only if your child is truly gifted, and then we would recommend looking at our Almaden FC competitive league instead to gain confidence and leadership skills at their age grouping.  Also, please note that for our spring season, all children will be placed according to their birth year based on our two year age groupings.  If the child is in the first year of an age grouping, we cannot recommend playing up since your child will be playing with players up to 3 years older.  Such a situation is almost always detrimental to your child, and more importantly, to their team.  If you feel your child meets these requirements, please check the box to request a play up. Requests are considered if we can place your child without creating team balance issues.
Will there be a champion or tournament at the end of the season?
No.  We will not be posting a league table or scores or results.  We want the children to have fun, and balanced, competitive games are their own reward.  It is the Almaden Valley philosophy to prevent blowouts, wherever possible, and we will try to balance teams, work with coaches to prevent them, as well as reserve the right to re-balance schedules to better match teams of similar strength.