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Home Workouts

The club believes that in order for a player to be successful on the pitch, they need not only to be technically proficient but in good physical shape as well. Our home workout videos are designed to be done at home with limited space. #AFCHomeWorkouts 

Have you seen our Skills and Drills videos with with Coach Matt on Instagram? Well, we got you covered. We have all the videos published on our site so you can watch at any time.

I want to learn some moves

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Home Workout #1

AFC is proud to introduce our first home workout video as part of the club's Backyard Training series.

Home Workout #4

Get ready to put in some work in our fourth home workout video with Coach Matt.

Home Workout #7

Technical director Matt Marquess leads another home workout in the club's push to keep players active.

Home Workout #2

In our second home workout video we show you how to get a great workout from the comfort of your home.

Home Workout #5

Be prepared to put in some work in our fifth workout video with certified personal trainer Matt Marquess.

Home Workout #8

Enjoy our eight home workout video with Matt Marquess. Soccer players, make sure to have a ball!

Home Workout #3

Get ready to build a sweat in AFC's third home workout video led by AFC's technical director Matt Marquess.

Home Workout #6

Let's get after it in AFC's sixth home workout video! Soccer players, make sure you have a ball!

Home Workout #8

Check out our latest home workout! This workout requires a ball so make sure to have one with you!